Zodiac’s Commitment to the Community

Zodiac is committed to being a venue for the community, led by the community. 

What do we mean by this?

ZODIAC is an independently owned, LGBTQ+ Club & Events Company but we are also a community space, owned by a Transgender Woman, Jade (Lady Phoenix), with a defining mission to create welcoming, safe and inclusive venues & events for the LGBTQ+ community; create jobs and opportunities for staff & performers; and raise awareness of LGTBQ+ issues. 

How are we committed to awareness? 

This is Trans Awareness Week, and we represent the community through our bartenders, our owner and door staff. We not only welcome representation – we actively encourage it in our venue through our performances and ongoing community work. 

We are creating a space and mission in the public eye where more trans people are empowered to tell their stories. We want much broader representation, awareness and visibility of a diverse range of trans identities and experiences – in public life and media. 

Jade, the mother of Zodiac, is striving to make a positive difference in every aspect of her life for the community. As an ongoing commitment to the Transgender community, Zodiac is formally launching GLAMOUR, a night hosted weekly on a Thursday that is for the Trans community. This is a night to engage, be safe with our new bar policies, genderless toilets, and enjoy an evening of entertainment and dancing. 

Whilst we believe every night should be night for all letters of our alphabet – we hope this is a catalyst to ensure we continually change, grow and come together as one community ensuring our trans friends have a place that welcomes them with open arms.  

Our commitment to an LGBT community space is to ensure we are truly trans inclusive, with LGB and T people taking active steps to challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia within the communities, and ensuring LGBT spaces and events fully involve and include trans people. We want the community to continually inform us, challenge our decisions and come forward to be a part of the change. 

We believe in a society where transphobia is unacceptable and is challenged by everyone. To achieve this, it’s vital to have a greater range of allies listening to, and speaking alongside, trans people, and challenging transphobia when they see it and hear it. 

Can we achieve all this by being just a club or event space? 

No. But we can provide a place that supports everyone in all walks of life, by being a safe and inclusive space for all. We can’t do this alone we need all the support and love to spread #Zodiacvibes 

All our love, 

Jade & the Zodiac Family